Bulk Messaging

Bulk messaging is an affordable mass communication tool that is rich in value. Whether you are targeting a niche cliental or speaking to a mass audience, these simple tools can help you promote your brand and strengthen the rapport between you and your customers.

What are the Benefits of Bulk Messaging?


Reach your customers to announce immediate updates on your products services or extend your scope to target potential customers with specific criteria.


You will have your own account on a cloud-based user friendly portal, where you can customize groups of customers and send them SMS campaigns with your company name from anywhere and at any time.


Never again worry about any leakage of data or breach of confidentiality. Through a specially designed & secure online portal, we ensure that there is a maximum level of security applied.


Send millions of SMSs containing your customized script in record breaking time.


Never lose a chance to reach your customers, schedule campaigns to be sent at any desired date or time, and receive detailed reporting on every campaign you send.

Business SMS

Reach all your customers with SMSs sent with your company’s name with Business SMS service from Vodafone Business.

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