Virtual Servers

Vodafone has built a world class cloud platform providing your business with the server you need to take your business to the next level. Vodafone provides different virtual server/machine packages.

By having your own virtual server, you will be able to control all of its related settings and publish your own applications online. You will be able to access it from anywhere through Windows Remote Desktop Connection wizard.

The packages include:

- Physical firewall based security
- Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
- Network Based Antivirus

- The virtual server bandwidth is free within the limits predefined by Vodafone,In case of any changes, Vodafone will notify you by E-mail or over the website.
- 1 Real IP.
- We guarantee the virtual server availability by 99.7%. (This doesn’t apply on the applications or services over the computer)

- Windows Server
- Linux (Open Source)

Once you send your request, we will verify it and create the required virtual server within 7 working days. Also, we will E-mail you with the new virtual server IP and credentials which you can use to start working on your computer.
You can purchase the virtual server here , or through the sales team or by calling 5080

Virtual Servers Packages


vCPU 1
RAM (GB) 2
Storage (GB) 30
Price (LE) 250


vCPU 1
RAM (GB) 4
Storage (GB) 50
Price (LE) 400


vCPU 2
RAM (GB) 8
Storage (GB) 100
Price (LE) 700


vCPU 4
RAM (GB) 16
Storage (GB) 200
Price (LE) 1400


vCPU 8
RAM (GB) 32
Storage (GB) 350
Price (LE) 2800


vCPU 8
RAM (GB) 64
Storage (GB) 750
Price (LE) 5600

Storage Add-on(GB)


30 GB

100 LE