Fixed Data & Networking and Managed Security Services

Vodafone Dedicated Internet

Vodafone Business offers you fast and secure dedicated internet access that allows your company to drive efficiency and productivity. Vodafone’s global internet network will put your organization on the internet map for faster access to internet resources and provide with a secure and reliable connectivity .
We also offer optional security options to keep you online.
If the data powers your business, a secured, cost efficient, high-speed (SDSL) line will be your next move. All what you have to do now is to request a visit and a Vodafone professional will take care of the finest details.



having a symmetrical connectivity means that you can send your data as fast as you receive it.

Unlimited access

There is no restriction on monthly usage.


Select the bandwidth that suits your business from a wide range based on traffic and performance required.


you will enjoy 100% of the bandwidth you are paying for.

Personalize your security

Keep your network safe with the optional Denial of service (DDOS) mitigation.

Vodafone IP-VPN

Vodafone offers highly secured IP - VPN connectivity through Vodafone MPLS based network. Vodafone will connect your Headquarter with the remote offices and branches together in a private cloud, so that all the remote offices will gain access through to Headquarter resources and applications to be more productive.
If your business is running from different offices, branches, or you need to connect with partners abroad, using a VPN enhances your privacy and security. Request a visit now and a Vodafone professional will arrange the smoothest shift to VPN.



Flexible to add new locations, applications and features to the network without rebuilding your network.


The Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology makes the Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection highly secured.

Grow with your business

Easy to add or change sites, users and applications. Scalable bandwidth options and the ability to consolidate many networks onto one platform.


Reliable network architecture provides global connectivity to keep your business running safely.

Managed Security Services


All the hardware you need to develop, improve, or fix your infrastructure are now available directly through Vodafone. Because we are committed to provide integrated business solutions.


Cisco routers 1900 series

Cisco routers 800 series

Huawei routers

Value Added Services

As long as you have a web portal that can attract potential leads, it can attract potential attackers too, regardless of your business size. Protect your system now with Vodafone.


IP Cam

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