IOT Connectivity

Internet Of Things (IOT) services from Vodafone Business enable two way communication between devices located anywhere in the world and also enable you to get real time information to analyze and act upon.

IOT services give you the data and control you need to:

Reduce Cost
Enhance operations
Develop new transaction-based business models and revenue streams


IOT provides quick and easy connectivity for mobile payment terminals over secure dedicated APNs making use of Vodafone’s reliable wireless connectivity to facilitate payment for products or services anywhere and anytime.

A Wireless POS system consists of a base station directly connected to a central network that communicates wirelessly to facilitate payments. POS can streamline many processes, like buying products at a retail store or a restaurant or even in a pharmacy.

It’s integrated with the merchant systems so it may include the ability to record and track customer orders, process credit cards, and manage inventory. As long as the transaction is held within range of the wireless network, WPOS enables merchants to accept payments and delivery anywhere.

The technology can dramatically cut costs by:

- Reducing queue times in retail stores.

- Increasing the productivity of individual workers.

- Reducing the cost requirements by wired installations.



Price 5 LE/month
Quota 20 MB

Follow-Up Rate 25 PT/MB

IOT 10

Price 10 LE/month
Quota 50 MB

Follow-Up Rate 25 PT/MB

IOT 20

Price 20 LE/month
Quota 500 MB

Follow-Up Rate 25 PT/MB

IOT 59

Price 59 LE/month
Quota 3 GB

Follow-Up Rate 25 PT/MB

IOT 120

Price 120 LE/month
Quota 7 GB

Follow-Up Rate 25 PT/MB

IOT 150

Price 150 LE/month
Quota 11 GB

Follow-Up Rate 1G/20LE

IOT 250

Price 250 LE/month
Quota 21 GB

Follow-Up Rate 1G/20LE

IOT 499

Price 499 LE/month
Quota 50 GB

Follow-Up Rate 1G/20LE

You can also enjoy the throttling option for 25LE after consuming the bundle