What is IOT?

Internet Of Things (IOT) services from Vodafone Business enable two way communication between devices located anywhere in the world and also enable you to get real time information to analyze and act upon.

IOT services give you the data and control you need to transform your business.
IOT products can be classified broadly into five different categories: smart wearable, smart home, smart city, smart environment, and smart enterprise. The IOT products and solutions in each of these markets have different characteristics.
Capitalizing on Vodafone’s global leadership in the IOT field, Vodafone Egypt became the early adopter for local IOT solutions’ implementations and establishment of a wide partners network, providing our customers with an end-to-end experience for better solution(s) deployment.

What are the Benefits of IOT?

Reduce costs
  • Providing remote maintenance; reducing costly site visits and pre-empting expensive breakdowns and downtime.
  • Providing online connectivity without the need for costly cabling and fixed line communication costs.
Enhance operations
  • Enabling smart services, allowing companies to move from selling products to supplying managed services, thus avoiding commodity price competition.
Build loyalty by offering unique consumer services
  • Providing pro-active maintenance, informing customers before problems occur, rather than being contacted by customers after problems have occurred.
  • Providing real-time utilities consumption information, giving consumers control of their utilities’ spending and immediate usage feed-back.
Develop new transaction-based business models and revenue streams
  • Enabling complex-advanced revenue models, which can be more or less desirable, based on how much effort a business needs to invest.

Fleet Management

A real-time tracking service for your vehicle anywhere & anytime.

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Ready Security

Ready Security ensures your business will always be secure and you will be able to monitor it anytime and from anywhere.

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IOT Connectivity

Experience new efficiencies with Machine-to-Machine services across your business.

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Smart Meter

Smart Metering is an efficient and cost-effective method on monitoring any consumable from domestic electric usage to large-scale grid management.

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