A Word from Sherif VIS Director
Welcome to VIS World … We Partner for Success
I would like to share with you the launching Edition of “VIS Voice” Newsletter ,
I wish to offer you all my sincere greetings and welcome you to have a glimpse into our world.

Headquartered in Egypt, Vodafone International Services a subsidiary of Vodafone Egypt , aspires to become the partner of choice delivering world class Integrated Customer Care and Technology Products & Services enriched by a wealth of Knowledge Management offerings that creates Value Adding Services to all our partners around the world.

This Year we celebrated the creation of 800 more jobs reaching 3500 employees growing closer towards VIS 515 aspiration to reach 5000 employees by 2015, needless to reminisce about the challenges which we survived during the tough political and economic times that Egypt went through which never hindered VIS from creating innovative initiatives and maintaining a Vodafone culture that operates in speed , simplicity and trust in the direction of satisfying our customers and partners.
For Over 10 Years, We have Driven Our Partners Business Growth with Our Value Creating P&S
In 2012, VIS celebrated its 10th Anniversary, and it was gratifying as well as the celebration of the creation of 800 more jobs reaching to 3500 employees growing closer towards VIS 515 aspirations to reach 5000 employees by 2015.

VIS continues to grow, leading the Outsourcing and Off shoring market and supporting top multinationals worldwide to improve their efficiency and reduce cost.

We are addressing today’s complex business challenges by helping our clients all over the world specify, design, build and manage outsourcing programs that improve efficiency, reduce cost and create unbeatable experiences for the end user with 3,500 multi-lingual, certified Service agents & IT professionals serving over 80 countries.

Our objective is to be our customers' global outsourcing partner of choice.
Denise D’Elia Attends Vodafone Spain Contact Centre Launch
Denise D’Elia, Customer Care Director of Vodafone Spain, visited VIS in March 2013 to celebrate the official inauguration of Multilingual Service Queues in addition to Back Office Service Management for corporate and consumer segments.

During Denise’s visit, she Recognized the Customer Satisfaction Top performers to thank our Advisors for a job well done. She also added that “VIS is a Great Team, Great Supplier, Great Talented & Committed People that really give their Best for their customers.”

Vodafone Spain operations in Egypt has been performing beyond service level targets, which triggered discussions around business expansion.
VGE’s Excellence Award
for M-Workforce Solution Created by VIS
Vodafone Global Enterprise (VGE) has been awarded “The Breakthrough Innovation of the Year” 2013 Award for the M-Workforce Solution Created by VIS.

Vodafone Global Enterprise was in need of an Enterprise Mobility Solution to convert the manual paper work processes used by site engineers into automated paperless processes using an iPad. This was when VIS created the Construction Site Management App to provide a solution for our customer’s need.It increased the engineers’ mobility that eased the sites’ access to the company’s back-end system. It also enhanced performance, collaboration and management visibility.

The first release of the Construction Site Management App launched in Stuttgart in February 2013, followed by another launch located in the Frankfurt site in April 2013.
Richard Daly Attends Vodafone Qatar’s 1,000,000 Customers Celebration
Richard Daly, Former Vodafone Qatar CEO, visited Vodafone Qatar Account at VIS last February to celebrate reaching 1,000,000 customers. During his visit Richard Recognized the Top Performers as well as 2 innovative and creative employees that came up with solutions on their own initiatives to support the operations; One created a Data Calculator to ease the Calculation of Data Usage for other Colleagues to Improve the Customers’ Experience and the Second One Discovered a Gap in the system that saved $1,000,000 for Vodafone Qatar.

Richard also discussed Vodafone Qatar’s Strategy to communicate their direction for the year and align the Staff in Egypt. He also took the chance to discuss expansion opportunities.

Vodafone Qatar Call Centre based in VIS has been awarded “The Call Centre of the Year” three years in a row which has positioned VIS as an Outstanding Vendor for Earning the Title and Maintaining it.

Customer Care Services
Customers want to talk to someone who knows them, as well as knows how to solve their problems...
Total Telecom Contact Centres
24*7 multilingual, multichannel customer care services; voice, web and social media that allow customers & Enterprises to interact with your brand at their convenience, while capturing valuable insights into how best to engage them in the future. It allows enterprises to manage business processes nationwide and globally with reduced management complexity, cost visibility, operational control and consistent experience

1. Inbound /Outbound
2. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Line
     technical support
3. Back Office Service
4. Online Web-Chat, email
    & Social Media Support
5. Self care & IVR
1. Global Service Desk
2. Products and Services
3. Due Diligence Support
4. Global Service &
    Commercial Support
5. Operational Excellence
Non-Telecom Contact Centres
A wealth of expertise required to handle an end-to-end contact centres services including the procedures of designing, deploying, & operating different industry specific contact centres across various industries

1. Appointment Contact Centres
2. Directory Assistance & Concierge Contact Centres
3. Government Services Contact Centres
4. Industry-Specific Contact Centres
5. Marketing Campaigns & Telesales Contact Centres
Technology Services
Meeting IT challenges with world class expertise, innovation and dedication that best delivers secure and reliable award winning ITO services to our customers
Application Development & Maintenance
Get the most out of technology with innovative from individual to end-to-end services designed to keep your business agile, efficient and fast on the

1. Business Analysis & Project Management
    (Technology Consultancy)
2. Software Design & Architecture
3. Software Development, Customization &
4. Application Maintenance & Enhancement
5. Enterprise Mobility Solutions
Outsourcing Product Development
Scalable and highly flexible testing solutions for everything from a single app to your entire IT system, combining the best of your in-house capability with our expertise

1. Functional Testing
2. Performance Testing
3. Security Testing
4. Operational Testing
5. Hosting Services
6. Data Products Support
7. Operations Support
Infrastructure Managed Services
Data centre and infrastructure solutions for secure, sustainable and responsive IT Service Desk and incident management

1. Monitoring
2. Technical Service Desk
3. Incident Management
4. Service Enablement Process
Mobile Virtual Network Operator(MVNO)
Complete hosted end-to-end solutions including accurate real time billing & bespoke customer services, VIS provides everything an MVNO needs to succeed

1. Services Portfolio
    (Voice, Data, Billing, CRM Services…)

2. Retail Portfolio
    (Ethnic, Retailers, Corporate Segments…)
Enterprise Products
Designed to improve insight, mitigate risk and inform smarter investment with managed analytics, these products make a valuable impact on decision making with real business intelligence
Business Intelligence
All the data you need for your business decisions, easily accessible and available across multiple platforms

Executive Dashboard
  1. Web-Based
  2. Mobilization

Enterprise Mobility
Enable your mobile workforce with feature rich tablet and mobile apps that allow full empowerment anywhere they go

1. Mobile Workforce Enablement
2. Interactive Product Catalogue
3. Sales Force Smart Toolkit
4. Government Mobile Services
Improve the service customers receive when connecting with your business

Value Added Services
 1. SMS Alerting System
 2. Customer Loyalty Digitized Voucher System
 3. Call centre Smart Call Back
 4. Intelligent Campaigns

Operational Efficiency
 1. Call centre Advanced Queue Management
 2. Ticket Tale
Business Support Services
A suite of support services designed to govern, enhance and optimize the every day running and performance of your business
Quality Assurance
A built-in, real-time quality management platform identifying opportunities for progressive quality development to improve and grow customer experience

Business Process Improvement
The seamless integration of theory with best practice to create continuous process improvement, designed to optimize performance and align business operations with business goals
Learning & Development
Certified trainers & instructors dedicated to strengthen people performance at all levels through on-going training programs tailored to your needs and designed to help you stay on top of your game
Reporting & Insights
A comprehensive set of tools & services that unearth the hidden value in information by transforming data into actionable insights - leading to improved compliance, effective governance & smarter business decisions
Projects & Operations Support
Certified project managers work to optimize the running and smooth delivery of customer projects through technical assistance and workforce management - ensuring optimal productivity & speedy go-to-market
This year, VIS strategy is mainly driven from one of the main pillars of “Vodafone Egypt 1+2 Strategy” through Unlocking/Extracting Higher Value to our Vodafone and global partners by developing new profitable Products & Services and implementing “The Vodafone Way” internally amongst our teams and externally with our customers.
The Vodafone Way
Vodafone Egypt 1+2 Strategy
Our power comes from our people which is the reason behind creating an internal strategy that focuses on the people.

VIS acknowledges the significance of our people in delivering the best customer experience and positions them as a core element of our success pillars.

Our success pillars are people, Customers and Growth where we agreed that in order to keep our customers satisfied & content we need to maintain the level of appreciation and delight amongst our people to eventually experience growth.

Since our People are our main asset to success we had to build on them by creating training programs that develops their interpersonal & professional skills, enhancing a career path program as well as engaging our people in several projects & activities that would ensure their complete satisfaction.

Our 515 Strategy is to reach a total of 5000 employees by 2015 through both hiring new prospects and maintaining current employees to help support the Egyptian economy as well as expand our business and grow.
The Power of People Road show
People Survey Recognition
VIS in Vodafone Egypt’s Technology Fair
A Word from Sherif VIS Director
Welcome to VIS world … We Partner for Success
I would like to share with you the launch of our first issue of “VIS Voice” Newsletter. I wish to offer you all my sincere greetings and welcome you to have a glimpse into our world.
Over 10 Years Celebration
VGE's Excellence Award
for M-Workforce Solution Created by VIS
Denise D’Elia
Attends Vodafone Spain Contact Centre Launch
Richard Daly
Attends Vodafone Qatar’s 1,000,000 Customers Celebration
Thriving for best in class
High quality cutting edge technology P&S at the forefront of innovation
Customer Care Services
Delivering the best customer
Technology Services
Harnessing technology to help
your business grow
Business Support Services
Improves performance to keep your
business competitive
Enterprise Products
Exploits the connected world with
business insight/efficiency tools
Power to you
Leaning on a strong brand and leading
The Vodafone Way
VIS, A Vodafone Egypt Subsidiary
5000 Professionals by 2015
Growing our talented, certified and customer
focused workforce
5000 Professionals by 2015
We Serve the World
Partnering for Success