Digital Bundles Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

  1. Ready Digital is a service (“Service”) that provides Vodafone Enterprise customers (“Customers”), with tailor-made Facebook posts (“Post(s)”) on their Facebook Pages with measurable indicators (“Reach”) in addition to the chance to improve their Facebook Page design and to have it created in a professional manner in case it doesn’t exist.
  2. Reach means the number of Facebook users who view the agreed posts in each Package on the Customers’ Facebook page (”Facebook Page”) newsfeed. If the Customer has no Facebook Page and wishes Vodafone to create one for him, the Customer will need to buy an add-on (as described in point 9 below) over and above the package he subscribes to.
  3. Vodafone will be offering the Service through its authorized partners (“Vodafone Authorized Partner(s)” or “VAP(s)”). Vodafone Authorized Partner shall be fully liable for the content (photos, logos, art-work, information, etc.) and text included in the Posts except for any content or art work included in the surveys completed by the Customer for which the Customer will be fully liable for.
  4. Ready Digital is offered through two types of packages (“Packages”) either bundles (“Bundles”) or campaigns (“Campaigns”) which mainly differ in number of Posts and their Reach.
  5. All Ready Digital Packages are automatically renewed every bill cycle, unless the Customer deactivates the Package noting that Posts monthly quota is reset at the beginning of every calendar month, yet the Package fees are deducted on the Customer’s bill cycle date as bulk regardless the date of purchase.
  6. Reach per Package is for all the Posts in this Package and is not distributed equally among the Package’s Posts.
  7. The Customer can change his Package and such change is allowed once per each bill cycle only and in this case any non-created posts of the original Package will reset and the Customers will be charged the full price of the two Packages (the original Package and the new Package) that were used within this bill cycle.
  8. In addition to Packages, Vodafone also provides the following service offerings:
    • Extra add-ons (“Add-ons”) to be added to an existing Customers’ Packages which either offer Facebook Pages creation or amending/improving existing Facebook Page. Add-ons are not automatically renewable.
    • extra boosters (“Boosters”) to be added to an existing Customers’ Packages which offer an increased Reach for a certain Post(s)
  9. Subscription and Posts creation:
    • The Customer’s single point of contact (“SPOC”) who is the only authorized person to subscribe to the Packages. Subscription shall be performed through Vodafone Website-Ready Digital Portal after the SPOC creates an account on Vodafone Website Enterprise Portal.
    • To identify the Customer’s needs and assist Vodafone and VAP in better providing the Service, the Customer has to fill in a survey during the subscription process which could be:
      • A basic survey (mandatory) with the main information of the Customer that will be used by Vodafone in the Posts (name, address, phone number, etc.);
      • An advanced survey (non-mandatory) with more details regarding the Customer’s industry, marketing strategy and targets as well as any more information that would enhance the provision of the Service
    • The Customer’s admin of the Facebook Page will be the primary admin and will grant a Vodafone’s designated Facebook account a secondary administrator access to the Facebook Page for providing the Service, monitoring, reporting and improvement purposes.
    • Vodafone and VAP will start providing the Service in accordance with the Package and any Add-ons or Boosters the Customer subscribes in.
    • Publishing Posts will be executed in the below mechanism;
      • Based on the information provided in the Customer’s survey(s), VAP will submit the Post draft to the Portal account of the Customer which will trigger a notification to the Customer and will showing pending on Customer’s account.
      • If the Customer doesn’t approve the Post, the Customer rejects the Post on the Portal providing rejection reason and any suggested amends. Consequently VAP will edit and resubmit a new Post draft based on Customer’s feedback.
      • If the post is approved by the Customer (or no feedback is received from the Customer during 72 hours after Vodafone submitting), Vodafone will publish the Post on the Customer’s Facebook Page and write the Post’s URL in the portal as an acknowledgment of posting. No amends can be made to the Posts drafts after such approval.
  10. The Customer shall be responsible and has full liability for any details or content (photos, logos, art-work, information, etc.) provided in the survey without any liability on Vodafone’s and VAPs.
  11. The Posts designs and art-work for different Customers are not necessarily unique, yet there is a level of customization depending on the Customer’s industry, location and other information provided in the survey

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