1. What is the ‘’Salla7ly’’ service?

  • Vodafone will provide peace of mind and convenience for its customers’ by offering the handset repair/replacement service ‘’Salla7ly’’ as a part of its Vodafone promise.
  • The ‘’Salla7ly’’ service is offered by Vodafone to all customers who buy handsets from any Vodafone store for 1 year, non-renewable.

2. What cases are covered by the ‘’Salla7ly’’ service?

  • Unintentional misuse cases excluding lost and stolen devices (i.e. accidentally damaged with liquid, electrical breakdown, burn, short circuit, etc.)

3. What are the brands covered by the ‘’Salla7ly’’ service?

  • All models of handsets & tablets from the following brands only:  Samsung, iPhone, Sony, Vodafone smart devices, and Alcatel.

4. Who are eligible customers and how can they subscribe?

  •  Vodafone customers who buy a handset from Vodafone stores or Vodafone online shop are eligible for this service. Customers should subscribe to the service and pay the fees upon the handsets purchase

 5. What is the Salla7ly service fee & payment method?

  • Subscription Fees: one-time payment of 7.7% of the handset price including tax, with a minimum of 77 LE.
  • Payment Methods: cash or through VF One points.
  • Handset Repair Cost: 100 LE. for any repair.
  • Handset Replacement Cost: 2% for each month from a purchase of the handset with a minimum of 6%.