for shops, increasing the shop sales, acquiring new customers and ensuring existing ones buy your merchandise repeatedly are the most important things… 

Red Shops pack from Vodafone business will help you market your shop and products.


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For existing customers

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Buy a Red Business line and enjoy the below benefit:

A. 5,000 free mobile advertising messages will be sent out to the residents of your district informing them with your shop location and latest offers.
• Mobile advertising is a service that helps you advertise your products and services to new customers. To enjoy your free campaign send an SMS to 6688 after paying your second bill. You will also enjoy an ongoing 50% discount on your nest mobile advertising campaign.


B. 25% discount on E’len SMS service, to send your existing customers the latest products and offers with ease.

Monthly fees SMS Quota Free SMS to Vodafone SMS Rate Follow-up Rate
50 EGP 200 N/A 25 PTs Step Charging
100 EGP 420 N/A 24 PTs 25 PTs
250 EGP 1,100 N/A 23 PTs 25 PTs
500 EGP 2,250 N/A 22 PTs 25 PTs
1000 EGP 4,800 650 18PTs 25 PTs
2000 EGP 10,000 1,250 18 PTs 25 PTs
4000 EGP 22,500 1,500 17 PTs 25 PTs


C. E-Bill Service – A free service from Vodafone Business that will allow you to access your company bills online or via email.

  Monthly  Access Fees Minutes Sms  Internet International ADSL&Value Added services

Red Basic

150 LE/Month
To Vodafone

Other Numbers


Other Numbers

Device and USB 15% discount on calls  Missed call keeper blacklist
2200 600 1000   2 GB
Red classic 250 LE/Month 2200 1200 1000     25% discount on calls  Missed call keeper blacklist
Red advance 350 LE/Month 3400 2000 6 GB 25% discount on calls  Missed call keeper blacklist 2121 (UP to 30 minutes)
Red Premium 550 LE/Month 5000 2000 10 GB 2.99 LE/ minute with no additional fees 2Mbps Missed call keeper blacklist 2121 (UP to 30 minutes). Embassy 2101( up to 30  minutes).