Are you a developer? Do you have an idea without enough resources to make it come to life? Do you want to make money out of this idea?


Now, with “Ebtaker”, Vodafone Egypt will give you the chance to make your dreams come true!


Vodafone Egypt makes the USSD channel available for you to create your own services and launch them on the Vodafone Network. You will have access to the APIs on the network like USSD, SMS and location... in order to help you be as creative as you can while developing your service.


Launching your service with “Ebtaker” has never been easier, just 3 steps:


1- Go online to ebtaker.vodafone.com.eg.

2- Create your service.

3- Launch it with one of our aggregators.


All you have to do is create your account on “Ebtaker”, create your service, and pick your preferred aggregator to launch the service through. The aggregator will approve your request and support you throughout your experience on the platform.


Official Launch Date: 16th of November 2014.


In addition to making your ideas come to life, Vodafone Egypt will give you 30% of the revenues your services make on the Vodafone Network!