Integrate Telesales & Telemarketing Into Your Demand Generation and Lead Nurturing Process


Regardless of whether you are in the B2B or B2C space, every organization faces the continuing challenge of enhanced demand generation and quality lead nurturing. Customers are becoming smarter at filtering out information they consider irrelevant, and organizations have to work harder, smarter and faster to cut through the clutter and get their message across. This is easier said than done! 


While digital marketing is immensely useful, highly measurable and cost-effective, many companies tend to getcarried away with it. It is common to find marketing budgets heavily lop-sided with more and more resources put into social media, online advertising, email marketing, etc. and less channeled towards tried and true methods such as direct mail, trade shows and telemarketing. 


Experts recommend that it is important to find a balance between traditional and modern marketing methods in order to gain the best results. The power of the spoken word and human interaction is undeniable, and cannot be replaced by any form of online or invisible means of engagement.

Telesales and telemarketing offer a range of benefits to companies looking to attract new leads and maximise their sales. Used interchangeably and collaboratively, these two activities can be very effective at helping you achieve your marketing and sales objectives. 


At Vodafone International Services (VIS), we offer a suite of telesales and telemarketing services that will help you increase brand awareness. We support your efforts to engage with your customers directly using carefully crafted brand communications. Discover new opportunities through direct conversations with potential customers.


Our experienced teams can handle all outbound calls on your behalf and help you capitalize on every opportunity with a range of services that include:

● Marketing Campaigns and Telesales Contact Centers
● Churn Management execution
● Pre/post migration execution
● Target Marketing Promotions
● Intelligent targeted sales leads generation and telemarketing 


Of course, any cold calling campaign needs to be designed in the best interests of your company and your customers. You don’t want to alienate your customers by calling at the wrong time or giving them an annoying or high-pressure sales pitch.


Working closely with you, we will design telesales and telemarketing services that will ensure maximum engagement with your target audience at no harm to your reputation.




Tap into Our Telesales & Telemarketing Expertise


Using our years of experience, VIS can help you identify the many benefits that telemarketing and telesales can bring to your business. We can also help you define which activity will deliver the best results for your business at any given time. Whether you have a specific telesales or telemarketing campaign in mind, or you would like assistance with campaign design and development, our experienced teams can help.


This is not always an easy decision to make. A telesales campaign, for example, must be effective, otherwise it will result in low conversion rates. On the other hand, an effective telemarketing lead generation campaign may suffer the same results if it is not followed up with a strong telesales campaign.


At VIS, we will ensure that we identify the right balance of telesales and telemarketing activities for your business - activities which complement each other and give you the best returns on your marketing and lead generation investment. The result is an integrated approach that helps maximize qualified leads and conversion rates.


Contact VIS  to find out more about our telesales and telemarketing services. See how we can help you engage with a wider target audience and maximize your conversion potential.