Egyptian Farmers 

Because the land is the most important thing to farmers, Vodafone in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture is providing the ‘Egyptian Farmers’ service,
which will help each farmer in Egypt cultivate his land and improve production.

Being a member in the ‘Egyptian Farmers’ service means receiving daily SMSs with the agricultural information needed to cultivate the land; such as weather updates, agriculture news and various beneficial farming tips.
Moreover, the service provides a hotline, 2929 to connect the farmer with the traders, suppliers and veterinaries.


Call *29# to subscribe in Egypt Farmers messages to know the following:

- Daily news about weather, rain, condition of wind to look after your land and improve your crops.
- Information about agricultural guidance from specialists and experts authenticated by the Ministry of Agriculture.
- Agricultural news to know the latest discoveries.


The ‘Egyptian Farmers’ Line 2929 connects you with:

  •  Traders and suppliers nearby your place.
  •  Traders to help you sell your crops.
  •  Veterinaries nearby your place if you need someone to help you care about your cattle.
  •  Agricultural experts to help you improve your agricultural production.

To be one of Egypt Farmers with Vodafone, call *29# for 30 Piasters a day , or call 2929 one minute for 30 piasters.
For further information call 800.

Terms and Conditions Apply.