Stars Card


Just like how this year’s Ramadan stars reunited us

Vodafone will unite us with The Stars Card
A card with Endless Dedications
Refilled whenever your team recharges with more dedications
To be united with your loved ones

Because Ramadan this year is different from any other year, Vodafone is introducing Stars Recharge Card. A card with endless dedications! Your card gets refilled with more dedications whenever your team recharges to stay united with your loved ones.

With any recharge of 10 LE or more you’ll receive 10 recharges, one for yourself and 9 to dedicate to anyone of your choice.
And whenever anyone on your Team 010 recharges, your card will be refilled with 1 more dedication that you can dedicate to even more people.

You can add up to 10 of your friends and family to your Team 010, so the more you add, the more your card will get refilled when they recharge!


To enjoy the promotion:

1. Recharge 10 LE or more
2. Dial *10# to redeem your recharge gift
3. Dedicate your Stars Card gift recharges by:
a. Dialing *10*Mobile Number# for free
b. Let your friends and beloved ones recharge the same recharge card again for free through *858*recharge code#
4. And whenever anyone on your Team 010 recharges, your Stars Card will be refilled by one extra dedication that you can dedicate to anyone of your choice
5. You can create your own team through *10*2# for free to enjoy endless recharges


Inquire about your recharges

To inquire about the remaining value of your redeemed Stars Card recharges dial *10*7# for free, and to inquire about the remaining dedications that you can share with others dial *10*6# for free.


Terms & Conditions

• The gift balance can be used as minutes or SMS to Vodafone or Megabytes at a standard rate of 20 piasters.
• The promotion is valid for all recharges of 10 LE or more.
• The promotion is available on all recharge cards including: normal recharge cards, the new Stars cards, Mared cards, Electronic Top-up, Vodafone Vouchers and Vodafone cash.
• You can redeem your gift sent upon recharge for redemption fees that varies between 10pt till 1 LE, and the gift will be valid for 24 hours.
• Upon recharge, every customer receives 9 main dedications that can be dedicated to others throughout the promo duration. The customer is able to create a team to receive one extra dedication upon each team member’s recharge.
• You can redeem the gift recharges dedicated from others for redemption fees, and the gift expiry durations start from 3 hours up to 18 hours.
• The Stars Card main dedications or extra dedications granted from the team can be dedicated to different Vodafone numbers, where each number can receive only one dedication from each card
• Dial *10*1# to remove yourself from a team you’re enrolled in, manage your team members, or to opt-out from the promo.
• Dial *10*6# to inquire about all your recharged cards that have available dedications.
• Dial *10*7# to inquire about your gifts’ consumption.
• The promotion is valid on all Prepaid, Flex Control, IN, and Enterprise Control rate plans.
• For more information call 800 or visit
• The promotion is valid for a limited time only.
• The promotion’s gifts are valid inside Egypt only.

• Fees, terms and conditions apply