SIM swap

If your SIM card gets lost, damaged, or burnt, replace it for just LE 5 tax inclusive.


What is a SIM swap?

A SIM swap is the replacement of your SIM card while keeping your number and balance unchanged.


Why should I swap my SIM card?

You should swap your SIM card if:

  • It has been locked because you have entered the PUK code 10 times incorrectly
  • Your SIM card has been stolen, lost or damaged
  • You have subscribed to a service which is not available on your old SIM card


Where can I swap my SIM?

You can swap your SIM card at any Vodafone store or any Vodafone exclusive dealer for just LE 5 tax inclusive. All you have to do is bring along a valid ID and your contract, and your new SIM card will be ready within 24 hours.

To find your nearest Vodafone store, click here.