Online payment

What is Online Payment?


Online bill payment is a payment method, where customers can pay their mobile bills over the internet using their credit cards (Visa or Master Card only). This method can be used by all postpaid, prepaid and corporate customers. 

  What are the accepted credit cards?
Visa card and MasterCard.


How can I use this method?
After logging in to your account:  

  1. Choose "Pay Bill" from the "My Vodafone" homepage.
  2. Another page opens displaying the amount due for payment.
  3. Choose the invoice and enter the amount you desire to pay then click submit.
  4. Enter your credit card information, and submit your E-Payment request.
  5. A message appears informing you that the payment is being processed, and a final message appears with either acceptance or rejection.
  6. In case of rejection, you will be asked to check the credit card issuing bank.
  7. In case of acceptance, a transaction ID will be displayed with the amount debited, and this will be sent to your e-mail.
  8. An SMS notification will be sent to the mobile number specified in the account profile.
  9. The transaction ID, generated by Vodafone, will represent a tracking number for you to inquire about the Online Payment transaction.


If you already have an online account Login . Otherwise, create a new account.


If you are an authorized person for a corporate account, you must fill out a credit card authorization form any Vodafone store.

international card are not eligible for online payment