You will get all what you need in one plan. Not only this, but also you can talk to other operators freely .

Hakawy New Tariffs

Hakawy All Morning talk 130 minutes for free from 12AM to 6PM
or Hakawy all Day.. talk 150 minutes for free all day at any time you like.

Worry Free

Worry Free rate-plan for Vodafone prepaid customers.. everything is for 14 Piasters

 Vodafone 14 pt

With Vodafone 14 pt , Call anyone with the lowest price In Egypt

Vodafone per Second

Enjoy unlimited per second charging, with no call setup fees.

Vodafone Holiday

Enjoy free SMS’s and fixed minute rates with Vodafone Holiday.

Bedoun kalam

Special offer for those who are mute and hearing impaired.

Vodafone elsanawy

Talk to anyone in Egypt for 1 LE per day when subscribed to this yearly package.

  • To continue using Control bundle, kindly make sure to renew the bundle within 2 months of its expiration date and in case you didn’t renew (through recharging Via calling 858) you will be automatically converted to Vodafone Prepaid 14PT