Visiting Egypt for the holidays?

With Vodafone enjoy your Holiday with a fixed minute rate

All you have to do is recharge your balance, or have your friends transfer balance to you, and you're good to go!




Pricing Information


Service Price
Local minute rate (to mobile or land line ) 0.25 LE
International minute rate 3.5 LE
SMS (Local or international) 0.99 LE
Local and international MMS 3 LE
Validity period 60 days
Data MB 1 LE



 You will also enjoy:

  • An initial balance of 5 LE when you activate the line.


Head to our nearest store or dealers and get Vodafone Holiday for just 20 LE.
To locate the nearest Vodafone store .

-We will be applying a stamp tax of 51 PT monthly fees


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