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Keep the world In Your hands

Call any country around the world at anytime for 2.99 LE per minute, with Vodafone, the strongest network in Egypt and the world. Now you can make international calls for a fixed rate with no boundaries and stay in touch with your family and loved ones abroad.


To subscribe….
Call 5055 and follow the instructions for just 30 PT  and choose between:

  • Monthly subscription of 10 LE
  • Call setup fees is 1.5 LE


If you haven't paid two bills, you can activate the international calling service by:

  1. Pay a deposit of 250 LE which you can refund as soon as you pay your second bill. To locate your nearest Vodafone store .
  2. Register your credit card in one of Vodafone's stores and your monthly payment will be automatically carried out through direct debit.
  3. Activate International Calling Card


* For the below countries ,International rate will be 12 LE per minute
Tunisia, Seychelles, Zimbabwe, Mauritania, Guinea, Burundi, Niger, Chad, Mali, Morocco, Algeria, Sierra Leone, Maldives, Cuba, Madagascar, South Sudan


 *This offer is not valid for Vodafone per second customers