It’s true what they say about technology making everything smaller:


Discover the 3G Wireless router it’s a 3G/UMTS router which uses 3G/UMTS/HSDPA technology to provide high-speed mobile data connectivity to small groups of users, letting them share data and applications on a common network and connect to remote networks.


The 3G Wireless router is ideal for creating small working teams wherever necessary; in the office, on a remote site or while traveling – and providing uninterrupted secure access where fixed internet connectivity is not available or fixed line back-up is required.


Multi-user mode Gateway

  • 32 WLAN access.
  • 4 FE access, or enlarge users via LAN Switch/Hub.
  • 1 telephone interface for voice service.
  • Provides high-speed routing capability and the built-in NAT


Single user mode USB Modem

  • Connect to PC through the USB port, without an external power supply.
  • SMS and address book


Easy to Use

  • Web management (e.g. password for WLAN connection)
  • Network settings can be customized to operator’s requirements
  • Automatic installation when used as a USB Modem
  • It’s small, slim and portable. With an internal antenna, it only requires 3G/GPRS coverage and a power supply.
  • It’s perfect for travelers; use it in over 30 countries where Vodafone has a data roaming agreement.
  • It’s complete; in addition to connecting you to the members of your workgroup and the internet, the router can also connect to additional devices like printers through wireless connections.


How do I get it?

If you are interested in buying the little box, visit the nearest Vodafone store and get it for only 1550 L.E
Enterprise Shared Data Bundle customers can enjoy a great discount when buying in bulk.


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