Now with the new Vodafone BlackBerry® daily and monthly bundles, choose the bundle that suits you best and stay connected with no worries!

  1. BlackBerry® Chat Bundle
  • Internet browsing.
  • Enjoy the BlackBerry® Messenger Service (BBM).
  • Social Networking Services (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace).
  • Create and use only one BlackBerry® email address( 
  1.  BlackBerry® Email Bundle:
  • Enjoy the BlackBerry Messenger Service (BBM).
  • Create and use only one BlackBerry® email address (ex:
  • Integrate and use only one third party email account (any personal email).
  1.  BlackBerry® Unlimited bundles:
  • With BlackBerry® unlimited bundles ,enjoy all the previous services with no limit.
TypeBundleBundle SizepriceHow to subscribe?
Daily*BlackBerry® Unlimited5 MB5 LE*2222*1#
BlackBerry® Chat2 MB2 LE*2222*2#
 BlackBerry® Email
2 MB2 LE*2222*3#
MonthlyBlackBerry® Unlimited200 MB100LE*2222*21#
 BlackBerry® Chat
100 MB50 LE*2222*22#
BlackBerry® Email100 MB50 LE*2222*23#


To check your consumption dial *2222*7# and to unsubscribe dial *2222*0#.

*For Chat and Email bundles, After exceeding the bundle, every extra MB will cost 1 L.E.
*For Unlimited bundles, after exceeding the bundle there will be no extra charging and you will be limited to a fixed speed of 64 kbps .
*The daily fees will be automatically deducted every day at 12 AM as long as the service is active.
*Now you can check  your BlackBerry® bundle & remaining quota. Dial *2222*7# for free.