Ana Trainee

Summer Trainee


What is “Ana Trainee” Program?


“Ana Trainee” is a unique learning experience for undergraduates. The program is a Summer Internship that gives you an overview of the working environment at Vodafone Egypt and gets you exposed to different departments. You will get the chance benefit from a variety of awareness and development sessions that will take place throughout the internship’s duration which will further develop and enhance your skills to prepare you for a brighter future.


How does it go ?

• Full time on-the-job training across any of our departments for one month (August 2015).
• Orientation sessions.
• Development sessions.
• Group discussions.
• On-going coaching.

Note: Monthly salary is provided.

What are the selection criteria?


• Candidates must be undergraduates.
• Grades must be either.
      o GPA: 3 and above.
      o Precentile:80% and above.
      o Grades: Very good and above.
      o GUC: 2 and below.
• Excellent command of English language is a must.
• Extra-curricular activity are a must.
• Previous Summer Training experience is preferable.

 What is the selection process?


There are 4 steps altogether, and you'll need to be successful at each step to move onto the next step.


1: Register

Register for the program by filling the online application form and submitting your updated CV.


2: Application Screening

Your application will be screened against our initial criteria.


3: Language Phone Interview


We will call you to find out more about you, why you want to join the program and to measure your ability to communicate and express yourself in English language.


4: Competency-based Interview - CBI

This is the final step where, we will ask you situational questions to give us a better understanding of your competencies.

To apply kindly click on this link (Taleo) and follow the required steps. 

If you have any questions regarding the process, please send us an email at: