eBill service

No more papers, now you can get your bill via email and enjoy itemized bill online for free!!

Subscribe now to the FREE eBill service and get your bill summary via SMS and on your verified email as soon as it is issued. Confidentiality Guaranteed!

To subscribe to the eBill service, simply follow these steps:


  1.  Login to your My Vodafone account or create a new account
  2. Click on “My Bill”
  3. Go to “eBill” Click“Activate”


Login now



If you have already entered and verified your email address on your My Vodafone account, you will not need to enter it again. In case you didn’t enter or verify your email address, you will only receive the bill summary via SMS until you’ve verified your email.


Enjoy the following benefits of the eBill service: 

  • Get Itemized Bill online for free
  • Receiving the bill summary via SMS and the bill on your email
  • Getting the bill as soon as it is issued
  • Enjoying the full grace period
  • Complete confidentiality regarding your account information
  • Easily viewing your bill anytime and anywhere as soon as it is issued
  • Avoiding paper bills and contributing to saving the environment 

For the first month only upon your subscription, in addition to receiving your bill via email and SMS, you will receive your paper bill as well.


To unsubscribe call 888 from any mobile or 16888 from any landline