Vodafone Egypt participated in the Cairo ICT 2012 which took place from April 26th till the 29th at the Cairo Conference Centre. During the exhibit, Vodafone showcased a variety of innovative technological services and solutions that help facilitate people’s daily lives, specifically in areas such as traffic, education, emergencies and safety, in addition to an exclusive service that helps companies manage their fleets.

Eng. Hatem Dowidar, Chief Executive Officer Vodafone Egypt, stated that “Vodafone took part this year with the motto “Mobile for Good” with numerous services and smart applications that employ mobile technology to serve the society”. He added “as part of the Egyptian society, we are proud to have joined this year as we strive to develop technological services in different areas of growth such as education, health, illiteracy and all challenges that face Egypt and prevent its development.”

Vodafone Anit-Theft solution for cars

Vodafone displayed live samples of a range of its solutions and applications, specifically shedding light on quite a practical service for car owners. By the use of this service, which was initially developed due to the recent increasing volume of car thefts, owners can easily track their stolen cars. The approval of the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA) is yet to be received to provide the service commercially, which will be activated through a small device to be installed inside the cars and to be used in emergency cases only. This device contains a GSM modem with a built-in GPS, and operating it is uncomplicated. If a car goes missing, owners simply send an SMS to the device containing their identification and password, and in turn the device identifies the exact location of the car and sends an SMS to the owners.

In its continuous efforts to enhance on-road safety and protection measures, Vodafone Egypt introduced a new initiative namely “Vodafone Fleet Management”, a service ideal for companies with a large fleet of vehicles looking toward better management. This initiative encompasses two different services: Firstly, a device fitted with a SIM Card is installed in all vehicles, and in turn sends instant information regarding the vehicles and drivers such as the speed, fuel consumption, and if the driver is wearing a seat belt to name a few. Through a designated website, management can follow up with the updates.

Secondly, a different device with GPS technology that tracks and records information about the driver and vehicle. At the end of the work day, information on this device could be manually downloaded or retrieved via wireless internet.

Traffic Solutions

Adding to its wide range of services provided to ensure customer satisfaction at all times, Vodafone introduced a new service which works through interactive messages Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), and helps drivers avoid traffic. Drivers inquire about traffic in certain areas by dialing *#6 and instantly receive an SMS with the traffic status.

Another traffic solution Vodafone is currently working on is a phone application showing traffic situations and the time required to reach the destination, identified through the mobile network towers prevalent throughout the country.

Vodafone Instant Network

Vodafone Egypt is constantly ready for any emergencies or crisis, and has therefore worked on developing a new network, namely “Vodafone Instant Network” which could be carried and installed in minutes to retrieve immediate coverage in any crisis situation.

The Instant Network innovation came to life after a lot of research and development to create a new form of network which could be easily carried around even in a suitcase. In a crisis situation, and in just 45 minutes, the Instant Network identifies the location of the previous network and makes the connection.

In the rare case where there is no network to connect to, especially in remote areas, Instant Network allows users to make calls or send an SMS to those within 5 kilometers from them, consuming minimal energy making the service practical and user friendly.

During the Cairo ICT 2012, Vodafone Egypt showcased a variety of potential applications, such as money transfer via mobile phones, to be launched upon receiving the approval of the NTRA. In collaboration between Vodafone Egypt and the Housing and Development Bank, this new service is anticipated to be a huge success in the field of mobile telecommunication and exchange services, and will help in improving and spreading the use of financial services especially with those who do not have a bank account. Additionally, it will meet the customers’ need of advanced, fast and secure electronic payment methods.

It has come to our attention that there are over 20 million people using the Vodafone money transfer service worldwide, which ensures that Vodafone Egypt is capable of offering such a safe and secure service due t its extensive experience in the field.

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