Vodafone internet browser

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Enjoy the fastest and easiest Mobile Internet experience with Vodafone Internet browser.

Vodafone Internet Browser is a downloadable browser that provides a superb PC-like browsing experience. It loads internet pages faster and is easy to use as it has shortcuts to all your favorite internet pages on your mobile.

Key Features

  • Faster browsing
  • Customizable Speed Dials (Bookmarks)
  • Vodafone 360 Mail: register for a free new email account @360.com. The live icon will always show how many new emails you have.
  • Facebook live icon: click on “keep me logged in” and the Facebook icon will show how many new notifications you have.
  • Google Search Bar
  • Arabic & English language support
  • Easy Navigation: go back and forth with just one click.
  • Tabbed browsing (Multi Tasking): browse several websites at the same time.
  • Find what you are looking for quickly: find what you want easily in text-heavy pages with the "find in page" tool.

How can I get the Vodafone browser?

  • Call *5000# and you will receive an SMS with a direct link to download the browser.
  • Or download it from Vodafone Live on http://live.vodafone.com
    In both cases downloading the browser is for free.


  • Mobile internet costs 1 LE per day up to 3 MB, and each extra MB is for 1 LE.
  • To configure the internet settings on your mobile call *999*4# for free.
  • Download supported phones list .