If you don’t have ADSL, stay connected with the new Vodafone Wi-Fi Router

Now with Vodafone's new Wi-Fi Router, connect to the internet at home or at the office simply by plugging  in a Vodafone USB Modem to the router.

Wi-Fi Router Benefits:

  • Fast Internet with speed up to 7.2 Mbps* using Vodafone Broadband
  • Internet connectivity via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cables
  • Multiple users accessing the internet at the same time
  • Supports ADSL connection
  • 4 Ethernet ports and 1 USB port
  • Supports printer and hard disk sharing
  • Provides secure uninterrupted internet connection
  • The best customer service available 24/7


For 333 LE**

Buy your Wi-Fi Router now!

*The Vodafone Wi-Fi Router speed depends on the USB Modem connectivity speed
**Price doesn’t include the USB Modem price