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Limited Stock

Apple iPhone 8 Details

Apple iPhone 8

Limited Stock

Color :
Capacity : GB
One-off price
14899 EGP

Instead of 15099 EGP

Installment cost
2483 EGP

For 6 months 0% interest

1242 EGP

For 12 months 0% interest

*20 months installment with 0% interest for CIB credit card holders

Total available points 0 = 0 LE

One-off price

Instead of EGP

To use your Vodafone RED points

Now you can redeem your Vodafone one points for a discount.
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Apple iPhone 8
Total :

LE One-off price

LE For 6 months 0% interest

Phone displaying My Vodafone app
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Stay in control with
Ana Vodafone app

Stay in control with Ana Vodafone app

  • See your usage and bills
  • Find your nearest Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Check the interactive map for offers or the closest events
  • Browse the help section and much more
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