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Choose the country you’re traveling to and enjoy roaming bundles up to 1.5 GB.

Dear Customer

For best roaming rates, please choose one of the bundles available for the country you are travelling to.
Roaming receiving call rates for the following countries is 12 LE/Min:
Tunisia, Seychelles, Zimbabwe, Mauritania, Guiniea, Burundi, Niger, Chad, Mali, Morocco, Algeria, Sierra Leone, Maldives, Cuba, Madagascar, and South Sudan

United States of America

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Choose the country you’re traveling to and enjoy roaming bundles up to 1.5 GB

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Roaming Tips

Before You Travel

Make sure that the roaming service is activated on your line.

All Vodafone postpaid customers are eligible for FREE roaming activation after paying 4 bills or adding 750 LE roaming deposite. If you are a Vodafone personal postpaid customer call 888 to activate Roaming. If you are a Vodafone business customer make sure that the authorized person activates roaming for you.

If you are a new Vodafone Postpaid customer and still didn’t pay 4 bills, you can register your credit card in one of Vodafone's stores for payments to be carried out through direct debit. Locate your nearest Vodafone store to register your credit card.

If you are a Vodafone Prepaid, Control, or Easy customer you can activate the roaming service for FREE from day one, dial *888*5#.

Check roaming services availability and roaming rates in the country you are going to visit .

Make sure you have a compatible power adapter so you can charge your phone. We recommend that you take a World Travel Adaptor available in the local market that allows you to use your mobile charger anywhere around the world.

If you have any pre-paid, Control, or Easy line, make sure you have enough credit to use while roaming.

If you are going to top-up using your credit card while roaming, make sure you have the Vodafone Services menu on your phone. Locate your nearest Vodafone store to get a new SIM and register your credit card.

To make sure roaming service is activated dial *236#

If you are a new postpaid customer and still haven’t paid 4 bills, you can still enjoy roaming and/or international for up to 250LE on your bill or you can register your credit card in one of Vodafone’s stores for payments to be carried out through direct debit just dial *202*3# to opt-in

When You Arrive

Switch on your mobile.
In most cases, your mobile will automatically search for and register on a network.
If not, check your phone's user guide to find out how to search for a network manually.
Where available, select the local Vodafone network for the best rates and service.
We will text you to inform you about roaming rates on the network you are roaming on, and will also let you know if there is a preferred network in the country you are visiting for best roaming rates and service. Keep this SMS on your phone for further reference.

Ways to save while Roaming

  • Subscribe in one of the roaming bundles available in the country you are traveling to through *202# or [management page link]
  • Please call me
    • Dial *505*mobile number# and we will send an SMS to this mobile number with a “please call me” message for 75pt per SMS. You have an unlimited number of “Please call me” requests per day to send to any Vodafone line.
    • To send “Please call me” requests to any mobile in Egypt, dial *506*mobile number#.
  • Divert to Voicemail
    • Open line customers can divert all incoming calls to their Vodafone voicemail and avoid any roaming charges.
    • Turn off Automatic Updates
  • Some phones and computers have programs that automatically download updates and new versions once they are connected to the internet. Turn off automatic updates before you roam as they might consume a considerable volume of data

Using Your Phone While Roaming

If you are calling Egypt, make sure you replace the first zero with +20 (e.g. 0100-1-888-888 becomes +20-100-1-888-888).

To call customer care from abroad, dial +20-100-1-888-888. All postpaid customers can call our customer care for free from all over the world. For prepaid, Control, and Easy rate plans, calling customer care while roaming will be charged as a normal call to Egypt.

To find out your balance while abroad, dial *60# for 19 PT.This service is only available with a specific list of operators.

To divert incoming calls to your Vodafone voicemail, make sure you are diverting to +20-10-1-808-808 and you will continue receiving notification SMSs when you get a message in your voice mailbox. If you have a Vodafone Free or Vodafone Business Bouquet line, you can divert calls to your voice mail for FREE.

To check your voice mailbox, call +20-100-1-808-808. This call will be charged as a normal call to Egypt.