Multi SIM

Change your life without changing your number



NOW YOU CAN! Enjoy the best network with your same number!



SIM service lets you activate two additional SIM cards - SIM1 and SIM2 - from your current mobile phone (SIM0).

SIM1 could be used in your car phone or another mobile phone while SIM2 is for your smart phone or other wireless devices, so you don't have to keep removing the SIM card from your phone in order to use them.

All postpaid and business line users can purchase multi SIM's. Prepaid line users who wish to purchase a multi SIM can do so by converting to a postpaid plans , while keeping their mobile numbers.
It costs LE 10 to purchase two new SIM cards and LE 5 monthly to maintain them.

Multi SIM cards? What can they do? 

  •  You can make outgoing calls and send messages from the phones using the multi SIM cards at the same time, but you can only receive one call at a time
  •  Additional SIM cards can use the call barring and fax and data services
  • Fixed dialing can be used on more than one SIM card, but it has to be activated for each. 30 fixed dialing numbers are available for each SIM
  • Each SIM card can store 250 names and 30 SMS's
  • The PIN codes for both additional SIM's are set automatically to 0000. The PUK codes are also the same for all SIM cards and can be retrieved from customer service

*All data rate-plans, prepaid customers or control customers, and VPN rate-plan are not eligible.