The #1 network in Egypt

Vodafone Egypt’s primary aim is always to be the best mobile network operator in Egypt providing our customers with the most reliable network, the latest technologies and the best communications experience. Towards this end, our highly skilled technology professionals work tirelessly to develop state of the art architecture of Vodafone Egypt’s core voice, data, transport and fixed networks. We provide our customers with secure, reliable, highly available and efficient enterprise services based on ITIL methodology to support the business and satisfy our customers in a cost-effective manner. Our ultimate goal is to provide customer centric and cutting edge services while maintaining a world class network quality, optimum network resilience and the most innovative total communications solutions that best serve their needs.

For our customers to be able to make calls wherever they are, Vodafone Egypt covers 99% of Egypt’s total area. Currently, we are deploying the latest Mobile broadband technology in Egypt so our customers would be able to enjoy to data speed up to 43.2 Mbps. Also, we have demonstrated full readiness for the latest 4G broadband technology; LTE, with data throughput up to 150 Mbps.

 An experienced team of engineers, experts, and technicians are working 24/7 to continuously monitor all aspects of our network operation to ensure top notch services and to provide secure and easily accessible enterprise services for our customers. Our services are not confided to support Egypt only; we support hundreds Call Center Seats managing multi countries through our call centers voice infrastructure, which handles around millions of calls per month, allocated across multiple sites.

And since network quality and customer satisfaction is one of our major priorities, we have a dedicated Quality and Service Assurance team focus on measuring, controlling and improving the technology performance standards and targets.

Network Compliance and Environment

The Health & Safety of our customers is also one of our major priorities. Various regulations and guidelines apply to the construction and operation of radio base stations some of which serve to protect public health and safety. In Egypt there are two Protocols issued by the NTRA, governing the installation for the various types of network sites. All Vodafone Egypt installations comply with the exposure limits and building guidelines in the Protocols. In addition Vodafone Egypt as part of the Vodafone Group also complies with international safety standards.
Vodafone takes the impact of our operations on the environment seriously and has currently deployed more than 170 base stations across Egypt operating on solar energy alone. This includes 17 solar base stations on the Siwa-Matrouh road. This initiative contributes to the Vodafone Group commitment to reduce its green house gas (CO2) emissions by 50% by 2020