Working at Vodafone Egypt
At Vodafone Egypt, we are proud to attract the best talent; provide them with competitive remuneration and benefits, outstanding recognition programs, flexible hours and best in class facilities.Balancing career and personal aspirations lie at the heart of our mission at Vodafone Egypt. We constantly support our employee to achieve their career ambitions while making the best of life’s opportunities at personal, family and community levels.

Our culture at a glance
All Vodafone employees share a common set of values and behaviors which constitute our cultural framework. ‘The Vodafone Way’ describes how we work together as a team to better serve our customers so that they see a company that is "customer obsessed, innovation hungry, ambitious and competitive, one company with local roots”. To achieve this end, we pledge to operate with speed, simplicity and trust; striving to be an admired company in the eyes of our customers, shareholders and employees.

Personal and Professional Growth
We recognize that every day is a new opportunity for personal and professional growth. Therefore, we provide our employees with continuous opportunities for learning and development, not only through traditional classroom training, but also through a variety of online courses, on the job training, coaching, mentoring, feedback, shadowing and other learner-cantered approaches. Additionally, we leverage Vodafone’s global scale and expertise sending our staff of international assignments to gain relevant international experience.Because it’s part of our culture to share knowledge and inspire innovation, we provide our employees with a wealth of personal development seminars by renowned experts and inspirational speakers from around the world. 

Career progression

Because our people are the most valuable asset, we invest in our people development and career progression, focusing on identifying top talents and high potentials and providing them with fast track development programs. Through tailored training plans, e-learning options, books, career path guide, and an opportunity to get exposure through cross functional and internal moves, Vodafone Egypt continuously provides opportunities for career progression, preparing young talents to become our future leaders.

Health and Wellbeing
Our company has a Health & Safety team to help ensure a safe workplace. We are committed to strict adherence to and compliance with local Egyptian legislations managing Occupational Health And Safety, in addition to our global commitment to Vodafone Group Occupational Health and Safety standards throughout our operations.


Diversity and Inclusion at Vodafone
One Vodafone goals is to have a working environment that respects, values, celebrates and makes the most of our individual differences we each bring to Vodafone. Accordingly diversity and inclusion targets is embedded into our business strategy and operation, leveraging on our global experience and scale.

Rewarding our employees
We believe that our people are the most valuable asset of our company and the main driver of our success. Reward and recognition for jobs well done is an integral part of Vodafone’s human resources strategy. Annually, 20% of our people get rewarded through our various reward schemes.

At Vodafone Egypt, we celebrate people who are high performers and embody our culture ‘The Vodafone Way’. Ana Global Hero is a global reward initiative that recognises top performers across Vodafone operating companies worldwide and complements local initiatives to recognise achievers.

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