Wasalny Shokran

Tired of Cairo’s traffic?

Now with Wasalny Shokran from Vodafone dial *6# for only 30 piasters from any mobile and find out the traffic status of a road or the roads to avoid in an area.

All you need to do is tell us where you are and your destination and we’ll get back to you with the crowded roads to avoid.

That’s not all, we will also send you an SMS if the road clears up.

Dial *6# now and don't forget to save the code that appears at the bottom of the SMS to check your favorite road whenever you like or use the below drop down menu and we will tell you the respective short code to dial from your mobile.


If you want to inquire about the traffic status of a specific road, please choose ‘Check the status of a specific road’ option and select the name of the road and the direction that you’re heading in.

Or if you want to inquire about the traffic status to a certain area, please choose ‘check the crowded roads on your way’ option and select your starting location and ending destination.



With Vodafone, don’t let the traffic stop you.