Park your line

Now all Vodafone postpaid customers will be able to park their line for any duration they need starting from 1 month and up to 1 year with  ease and without losing their mobile number or profile (services added) for only 10 LE per month.

All they need to do is visit any retail store, pay all their due amounts on the line and service fees in advance. After the agreed upon parking duration, the lines will operate automatically with no hassle. Choose the duration that best suits you:


DurationService fees
1 Month*10 LE
2 Months*20 LE
3 Months30 LE
4 Months40 LE
6 Months60 LE
8 Months80 LE
10 Months100 LE
12 Months120 LE

* Customers less than 3 months on the network can only enjoy the service for the following durations; 1month or 2 months.

- After one year of parking, customers can enjoy the service again after reactivating your line for at least 1 month.
- Value added service Taxes added
- Customers can enjoy the service after the issuance of the first bill.
- if the customer requests to reactivate the line before the agreed upon parking duration, line will be activated without refunding service fees.