Charity Bazaars at Vodafone premises

NGOs play an active and prominent role in civil society, with contributions that include providing basic social services, undertaking community development projects, and addressing the issues facing disadvantaged people. Vodafone is proud of these organizations’ contributions and has organized more than 24 Charity Bazaars at its premises since 2005 to help NGOs market and promote their products to increase their revenue. This helps in supporting and expanding their activities and community projects. These bazaars were a huge success and witnessed an impressive turn up from our employees due to the high level of diversification as well as the high quality of the exhibited products. A total of 40 NGOs participated in Vodafone charity bazaars. Vodafone aims to raise money for NGOs to use in their activities and community projects, and to market and promote the products of NGOs.

Some of the NGOs participated in Vodafone bazaars:

  • Alashanek ya Balady
  • Tawasol
  • Friendly Family Association
  • Right to Live
  • Fair Trade
  • El Nour w El Amal
  • Fathet Khair
  • El Warsha
  • Resala