Alerting Services

What is Vodafone SMS Alerting Services?
What are the ways of paying the subscription fees for each service?

Black and white list

How can I subscribe to the black list service?
How can I subscribe to the white list service?

Buy Online

How can I shop online?
What is the maximum number of items I can put in the cart?

Call Tone

What is a call tone?
How do I activate a Call Tone?
How much does a Call Tone service cost?


Why working at Vodafone Egypt?

Internet - At Home

What is ADSL service?
What affects my connection speed?
How to connect to the internet from home?
Does ADSL require installing an additional phone line?

Internet - On Mobile

How to configure my mobile for internet access?
What is the blackberry?
What are the mobile internet bundles?
Can I carry over the unused megabytes to the next month?

Join Vodafone without changing your mobile number

How can I enjoy Vodafone network with my same number?
What is this service?

Payment methods

How to pay your bill?

Register a new account

How to register a new account on the website?