Vodafone is now offering you Wi-Fi services that best suit your connection needs and type of device. Just turn on your device's Wi-Fi and choose the following connection:
“Vodafone WiFi” This network can support all kinds of devices (mobile phones, tablets and laptops).   


 You will find Vodafone WiFi in:

  1.  Arkan Plaza
  2. Platform Maadi
  3. Sequoia Zamalek
  4. Abouelsied Zamalek
  5. Abouelsied Maadi
  6. The Coffee beans and tea leaf zamalek
  7. The Coffee beans and tea leaf ElHegaz
  8. The Coffee beans and tea leaf Alex
  9. Hacienda Bay
  10. Lakeyard, Hacienda
  11. Le pasha Zamalek
  12. Marassi Club M
  13. Diplo 3
  14. Oasis
  15. First Mall
  16. Trianon

How to connect to the WiFi service:
To connect to the WiFi follow the instructions that are displayed on the connection window right after your first browse attempt. You will need to enter your mobile number and the passcode that you will receive on your mobile phone.
You can connect only one device and you will get an unlimited connection FOR FREE.


This offer is available for a limited time.