Right Technology, Right Processes, Right People 


Vodafone International Services (VIS) combines all three to deliver end-to-end data management services from requirement to retirement. We begin at the foundational level of crafting the ideal data warehouse for your enterprise and cover all aspects of the data lifecycle. Our focus is on enhancing the ways in which your data is acquired, accessed, extracted, transformed and stored.

By minimizing risk of poor data quality and adopting smart business intelligence practices in consultation with VIS, you gain richer, deeper insights. This allows for business decisions that produce better outcomes all around. Not only will your organization achieve greater efficiency at every level, but you will also benefit from reduced costs, enhanced productivity, higher customer satisfaction ratings, increased flexibility and adaptability, and overall, better performance



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Reduce Costs, Improve Business Agility with Our Data Management Services


At Vodafone International Services, our data management solutions manage the complete data lifecycle from creation, management of BI architectures, metadata processes and procedures; we take care of it all. By implementing efficient data management solutions, your organization will be better equipped to maintain a competitive edge and achieve business objectives with less risk and reduced overheads.



Here are the key data management services we offer :


Metadata Management - Our end-to-end process and holistic governance framework structures your data in such a way that it is easier to manage, and that makes it easier for enterprise systems to work together.


Data ETL, Storage and Maintenance - We have the required capabilities and know-how to design and develop extraction, transformation and loading systems that will ensure your databases are used, accessed and stored in the most efficient and effective way. Scheduled jobs will also be managed ensuring your databases and data modules are always up-to-date.


Business Glossary Dictionaries - Working closely with your teams, we can build a business glossary that specifies terms and relationships used across the enterprise. This centralized dictionary will ensure a consistent and professional approach across all areas of your enterprise.


Data Quality Management - We develop end-to-end data quality frameworks that ensure accuracy, timely availability, relevancy, standardization and comparability across your mission critical data. We provide automated services to address data quality complemented with an alerting system for all the potential stakeholders.


Data Marts Creation - Design and develop data marts for data profiling and data transformation in one, easy-to-use visual tool. This enables each department to use, manipulate and develop their data any way they see fit; without altering information inside other data marts.

Demand Management - Our demand management solutions help you analyze how your data is being accessed and monitor the performance of your data solutions. In one, handy, automated and synchronized dashboard, you can see all business intelligence-related activities, including ad hoc requests, cross functional projects and BI projects. In one comprehensive view, you can track and measure the performance of all the ongoing activities.



VIS data management services can help you reduce costs, eliminate application issues and improve productivity. Our services promote business agility and enhance application performance across your entire enterprise.


Contact VIS to find out more about our Data Management solutions and the benefits our years of expertise can bring to your business.