Deep Data Analysis for Better Future Decision Making  


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At Vodafone International Services (VIS), we offer a number of business intelligence and analytics solutions that help you extract valuable insights from your data, proactively drive customer actions and improve customer retention and business growth. Depending on your business and market requirements, we offer you three types of analytics services: Predictive, Descriptive and Prescriptive. Whether you need to predict the likelihood of a customer purchasing a specific product or you need to forecast the results of a targeted marketing campaign, we can help. VIS predictive modeling services enable your organization to develop a deeper understanding of your customers’ behaviour and resolve complex business problems faster.



Benefits that VIS Predictive Modeling Offers to your Business


Check_mark.png Forecasting and Propensity Modeling - By forecasting the future behaviour and propensities of your customers, you can anticipate their actions and align your marketing with these insights.

Check_mark.png Test, Target and Optimization Techniques - By simulating the impact of new Products & Services, you can identify the customers who are most likely to increase your reach and conversion rate. We also give you the ability to combine post assessment results into this model for continuous enhancement.

Check_mark.png Competitive Share Modeling - See what your competitors are doing and then go steps further. We help you to monitor competitor market share based on Telco/Enterprise account performance that takes into account incoming calls and footfall performance as well as social media analytics.

Check_mark.png Opportunity Sizing and Extrapolation - Based on our data assets and using advanced extrapolation techniques, we are able to generate new value-creating pieces of information that maximise up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. Our tools will also help you generate new revenue streams.

Check_mark.png Churn & Retention - VIS helps you to analyze and predict customer movements and the impact on your costs and revenue. We help you gain a better understanding of the steps and stages that create customer churn and target them for more effective retention.


VIS Predictive Modeling Services Eliminates the Guesswork


VIS predictive modeling services give you greater control over your future actions, help you predict market trends and customer actions, improve customer retention and fuel growth. Our analytics help enhance revenues, reduce churn and increase sales enabling you to outthink and outpace your competitors.


Contact VIS today to find out more about our Predictive Modeling services and how we can help you with business insights to predict future events and actions.