Gain A Competitive Edge with Integrated BI & Analytics Services from VIS

At Vodafone International Services (VIS), we offer a range of analytics solutions that give you timely, relevant and descriptive reports tailored to your business needs. We work closely with your business to understand how to give you the most value from our analytical tools and resources.
Our integrated BI & analytics services take the guesswork out of your marketing campaigns, help you drive business performance and open up new revenue streams for your business. As you reduce the time between gaining actionable insights and implementing action, your business will start delivering to customer expectations much faster and better.

From Web and social media reporting to customer behaviour analytics, our services offer valuable insights into how you can take action to improve your business, reduce overheads and enhance the customer experience.



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VIS integrated BI & analytics can empower your business with robust and intuitive tools that include:



• Behaviour, Usage and Segmentation - This data-driven marketing method gives you access to valuable customer data analysis that can help increase business profits. As you achieve higher levels of personalization, your customers will more willingly stay engaged and loyal, as well as refer business to you.


Customer, Network and Channel Analytics – Our customer, network and channel analytics services help you understand the nature of your network structure, sustain a market share in each area and lock enterprise accounts through innovative retention strategies. With real-time intelligence available to them easily, they will be able to meet customer expectations in a far more time and cost efficient manner.


• 360 Degree Single Customer View - We offer a holistic approach to customer analytics by giving you a complete, accurate and integrated view of your customers. These analytics can help you to improve customer satisfaction and increase retention without losing sight of profitability. Easy to understand dashboards provide an at-a-glance view of the buyer journey. Your marketing decisions can benefit from valuable lessons through these insights and result in quick, proactive initiatives to beat the competition.


Cross Company & Cross Channel - VIS enables organizations like yours to capture and evaluate all customer activity including interactions, transactions and lifecycle events. This gives you a complete view of the customer journey in every interaction with your brand. Armed with these insights, you can fuel winning strategies within your channels and enable channel partners to increase sales, improve retention and enhance customer service. Everybody wins!


Web and Social Media - What are your customers saying about you on social media?. By analysing social media data, you can get real insights into customer sentiments and extract valuable data that can help you take positive action.


Geo Analytics. Our geo analytics services deliver an efficient means of visually mapping your customers. This can help you target geographic groups more effectively and adapt local marketing campaigns so that they give you the best returns.


Network Analytics – By analyzing large volumes of customer interactions and transactions, you can develop more efficient marketing campaigns and promotions while also detecting network deficiencies. Knowing where the deficiencies are is key to plugging them and preventing them in the future.



How Integrated BI & Analytics Can Generate New Business


VIS offers a broad spectrum of analytical and reporting tools that get deep down to the details and give you actionable insights that you can implement effectively. By understanding what makes your customers tick and what drives them to your door, you can better target your marketing campaigns. Not only that, your brand will be able to offer an improved customer experience overall using the knowledge that integrated business intelligence and expert analytics delivers for your use.



Contact VIS today to find out more about our Integrated BI & Analytics services and how we can help you maximize customer loyalty and profitability.