Information Reporting to Enable Smart Decision Making and Impact Better Outcomes





At Vodafone International Services(VIS), we provide a range of developmental and operational information reporting services and tools. Our goal is providing you with graphical reports and visuals through insightful dashboards and scorecards, to help you drive your business forward. From operational reporting and analytics to automated, repetitive reporting, we can tailor our information reporting services to suit your needs. 


Here are some key information reporting services we offer to your business:


Developmental Reporting

Reporting Visualization - A wide range of interactive visual reporting options that give you a detailed view of your business in one chart or grid form.

Portal Development - We work closely with you to develop customized portals that grant your teams easy access to business reports and enable real-time effective collaboration across all teams.

• Mobilized Scorecard & Dashboard Development – The ability to see your KPI data at a glance and in real-time on any device. Our mobilized solutions help you make instant and informed decisions on the go.

• Self BI - Manage your information reporting without having to rely on your IT teams. With our range of self BI solutions, you can access the data you need, when you need it and shorten the time to market.


Operational Reporting

Ongoing KPI Reporting & Ad-hoc Analysis - We offer operational and performance reporting giving you a detailed view of how individual areas of your business are performing.

Operational Reporting & Analytics - These reporting services give you valuable insight into the operational details of your business on a day-to-day basis. Regular analysis of the current activity of your business will help you make specific changes to further improve your operations.

• Automated Reporting - Our automated reporting solutions help you save time and reduce overheads. Reports generated through a proven, automated process enable avoiding labour intensive and repetitive reporting without compromising on the quality of report data.




Information Reporting Customized to Fit your Business

The purpose of VIS Information Reporting services and solutions is to enable information to be collected and analyzed and for reports to flow seamlessly across a variety of devices, platforms, technologies and data warehouses. Our experienced solutions teams will help your organization.

At VIS, we understand that the information reporting needs of every business will differ. That is why we give you the freedom to design the reporting systems that best suit your needs. Whether you need access to KPI reporting while you are out of the office, or you need to automate daily reporting, we can help.

Contact VIS today to find out more about how our analytics and information reporting solutions can transform your business and impact your decision making process. Let’s get started on maximising your business performance and sourcing new revenue streams!