Road Safety


Worldwide, Road traffic accidents cause over 1 Million deaths and 20-50 million injuries annually.

Since Egypt is ranked one of the countries with the highest road traffic accidents, Vodafone Egypt is leading another Road Safety campaign for 2015 to alter the behavior of its employees, its customer and most importantly targeting Egyptian Youth of age 18 to 25 years.

Vodafone CSR will work on influencing the above mentioned target audience through educational messages with on ground activations, awareness sessions and videos using Vodafone digital platforms, retail stores, buildings, as well as launching externally in different communication channels and media on three different phases for each target audience.


Phase one (Employees Internal Launch), Vodafone held an internal event on Tuesday 28th 2015 in light of the International Day of Health and Safety at Work.

The Aim was to engage employees and shed light on the importance of changing behaviors related to driving such as abiding to the speed limit, always fastening seatbelts and not using mobiles while driving. By altering these behaviors, one can limit the damage caused by road traffic accidents. In addition to sharing posts on Social Media that encourage abiding to the correct behaviors while driving.