Enterprise Commercial Services

Enterprise Commercial Support Serivces

 Vodafone International Services (VIS) has a broad geographic footprint that allows us to offer robust solutions and services. Vodafone’s global capabilities are ideally positioned to serve enterprise customers globally. We help you meet your market and customer needs through flexible scalable solutions that make you more competitive, responsive and efficient.


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We work with you to optimize your business processes, thus improving productivity and bottom line. Our Enterprise Services are flexible and enable remote working that will help increase business efficiency and make mobility an integral part of the services you offer to your own customers.

Enterprise Solutions

At Vodafone International Services (VIS), we offer effective enterprise resource planning strategies and solutions that are best suited to serve your customers globally with unified seamless service level. Our broad geographic footprint allows us to offer resilient solutions and services that will help optimize your business processes to improve productivity and boost growth. 


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Enterprise Mobility

Workforces around the world are on the move. Mobile technology is revolutionising the way organisations do business, including the ways in which they can offer their services and empower their staff. Vodafone International Services offers a range of Enterprise Mobility Solutions that can increase productivity and efficiency, reduce your overheads and give your staff the best tools to do their job no matter where they are.

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Transform your Business with VIS E2E Enterprise Solutions
  • 1
    Gain A Competitive Edge with Our Enterprise Services that are governed and optimized by a wide range of business support services.
  • 2
    Achieve faster responsiveness to customer needs with a range of VIS custom enterprise solutions such as:  Sales Enablement Services,Service Design, Service Delivery, Global Operations Services and Quality Management Services.
  • 3
    Delivered through the best customer-oriented calibers who have been trained on achieving excellence in all service pillars.
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    Your business will experience greater productivity and cost efficiency.