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Wireless Net


Now you can have internet at home without a landline. Wireless net is the biggest internet quota that only needs a sim card with the wireless 4G router to enjoy the internet.


Wireless Net Bundles: 



Now your remaining megabytes will not go to waste and it will be transferred to the next month. You only need to activate the rollover feature through



Main Quota
Megabytes all day

Extra Quota
Quota available from 2 AM to 2 PM
Total GB validity


1 Month 

Bundle 100  8,000 MB 8,000 MB 16,000 MB
Bundle 150 14,000 MB 14,000 MB 28,000 MB
Bundle 200 19,000 MB 19,000 MB 38,000 MB
Bundle 300 30,000 MB 30,000 MB 60,000 MB
Bundle 400 45,000 MB 40,000 MB 85,000 MB




 Buy now 


  *After consuming the granted Giga Bytes, your internet access will be blocked to give you full control over what you pay. To access the internet one more time, you can choose between different portfolio of Add-ons.


Add-ons Bundles: 


Add-On Bundle Bundle Price
1 Gegabyte Bundle   20 L.E
3 Gegabytes Bundle   50 L.E



Every Add-on can be bought on demand or renewable :



   - Add-on will not be renewed with the main bundle renewal

   - Quota valid till the expiry of the main bundle


Renewable :

- Add-on will be renewed automatically with the main bundle renewal

- Quota valid till the expiry of the main bundle


You can now manage your data account by visiting or Through this page you can track and inquire about the below (Make sure to be connected to wireless net Wifi):



  1.   Your data number.
  2.   Data Usage.
  3.   Know your renewal date.
  4.   Inquire about balance.
  5.   Recharge online.
  6.   Purchase (Add-ons) Extra megabytes.
  7.   Line status.


Frequently asked questions:  


1. What are the specs of the Device? 

  •  Connects up to 32 users simultaneously
  •  Speed up to 150 mbps depending on the network
  •  Coverage area up to 100 meters

2. I don’t have good 4G network in the house? 

  •  If there is a single spot in your house where there is a good 4G network, that would be sufficient because you can place the router there. 

3. How can I manage my account on the wireless net tariffs?   


You can manage your account through the following channels:

4. How to start using the Router?

  •  Insert the Sim card in the router
  •  Plug-in the router
  •  Open the Wifi connection of the device you wish to use
  • Change the password of the router for more security:
    Type the router default gateway IP in the address bar:
    Type the default administrator router’s credentials (User name & Password): admin
    Click Change Now, and type the current password: admin, then type the new password twice in the next two text boxes then to click Apply
    For more information and instructions download the router manual 


5. How can I subscribe?



How to activate rollover?

You can activate the rollover feature through:

Terms & Conditions:

  •  Proposition available for a limited time period.
  •  Mega wireless net quota will apply only on the specified device bought with the bundle
  •  All bundles quotas are valid for 30 days.
  •  Add-ons are valid till bundle renewal date
  •  Rollover feature: the remaining megabytes from your previous bundle will be transferred to the next bundle upon on-time renewal at the end of the 4th week., and the megabytes will be transferred for one month.


 Repurchase bundle option: 


 -  For postpaid customers, the bundle repurchase will allow the customer to acquire an extra bundle over his current bundle. The newly repurchased bundle expires after 30 days from the purchase date. 

 -  Prepaid customers can repurchase the bundle but it will drop all remaining MB’s of the old bundle & start new cycle (30 days).