At Vodafone, our ambition is to be the best employer of Women by 2025.


“ReConnect “ program is one of the many steps taken by Vodafone Globally and locally to build a diverse and inclusive working environment.


ReConnect is a Global Program to attract Female Talents for Managerial roles. The program targets ambitious Female Talents with 7 to 10 years of work experience who have put their careers on hold up to 10 years due to personal reasons (Maternity, Family Care etc,.)


If you would like an opportunity to re-launch your career, this is your chance!


With Vodafone “ReConnect” Program you are offered a supportive transition back program, to help you re-launch your career, through an intensive and in-depth induction plan, flexible working conditions and availing mentors and advisors for your continuous support and development to help you “ReConnect” again with the corporate world.


The program targets potential female candidates from any field of expertise (Technology, Communications, Finance, Marketing, HR…. etc.)


If you meet the above criteria, we encourage you to send your resume