Exclusively Vodafone is offering you the chance to be the first to listen and download Mohamed Mounir’s new album “Elrou7 Lelrou7 dayman bet7en”. The album includes 10 songs; each is for 1.5 pounds. You will receive the songs before their official release, as soon as they are available.

All you need to do is to dial *550# from your phone and enjoy!


 3alam el Mazzika

Coming Soon from Vodafone, discover Mazika World and enjoy the most recent songs and albums for your favorite artists.
Mazika World is a world designed just for you where you can listen to the latest songs anywhere and anytime by downloading your favorite songs on your mobile.

• In the absence of sufficient credit ; 50 piasters to 15 pounds will be deducted, depending on the available balance and you will receive a confirmation SMS with the amount deducted

• Mobile Internet fees are not included in the songs or albums fees