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 Red 50% discount on Wireless net



With wireless net enjoy up to 85 GBs without the need for a landline and exclusively for Red customers 50% discount on the wireless router to be 600 L.E instead of 1,199 L.E during summer. The offer is valid when you purchase the 4G wireless router with any wireless net bundle starting 150 LE.

To enjoy the offer dial *1200# from your voice line and you will receive SMS with your voucher code, visit your nearest store and provide them with your voucher code to get the offer.


Wireless net bundles :


Wireless net Total MBs Main Quota
Available all day
Extra Quota
Available from 2am to 2pm
Wireless net 150 LE 28,000 MBs 14,000 MBs 14,000 MBs
Wireless net 200 LE 38,000 MBs 19,000 MBs 19,000 MBs
Wireless net 300 LE 60,000 MBs 30,000 MBs 30,000 MBs
Wireless net 400 LE 85,000 MBs 45,000 MBs 40,000 MBs


Terms and conditions:

  •  The offer is available for Red customers who enjoy any red rate plan for 3 months or more and have no unpaid bills
  •  To enjoy the offer a 12 months commitment is required on any of the eligible wireless net bundles
  •  The discount is available on the 4G wireless net router only , which is 50% discount from the original price of the router (1,199 LE)
  •  The offer is valid for a limited period