Mini Calls

Minicall is a service that allows you to record a voice message and send it to any mobile number in Egypt.

 To send a MiniCall, simply dial *(the mobile number), record your message, hang-up and it will be instantly sent.

When you receive a MiniCall, you will get a text message from the sender indicating how to retrieve it.

To hear your new MiniCall messages, dial *0* for FREE within Egypt.

You can even reply to or forward the MiniCall after hearing it. Simply press 1 to reply or press 2 to forward.

Try this trick: save your friends numbers as *(mobile number) so you can automatically send them a MiniCall.


You can also store the codes used to check your MiniCalls:

  • To check your new Minicall messages, just dial *0*.
  • To listen to your old Minicalls, dial *1*, for 30 PT.

Sending, replying to and forwarding a Minicall costs 30 PT.

Listening to new Minicalls is FREE. Listening to old Minicalls costs 30 PT.