Don't want to miss a call even when your phone is out of reach or switched off? Or maybe you want to keep your phone on and know who's calling you while appearing switched off so you won't be disturbed.


With Missed Call Keeper, all your missed calls will be stored when your phone is powered off, busy, or out of coverage and you will receive a message telling you who called and when.

Choose the option that suits your needs:

Monthly Subscription Pay per Event

The Monthly Subscription service sends you an SMS every time you have a missed call. The SMS is sent from the number that called you, making it easier for you to know who called.

The Monthly Subscription service is available for prepaid, postpaid and control users.

Login to activate this service , or dial *888*3# or send an empty SMS to 7777. The service will be activated for 30 days for only 5 LE. Every 30 days your subscription is automatically renewed.

If you are a postpaid customer you can activate it online.

The Pay per Event service works on demand. You will receive a message indicating you have missed calls. To find out who called, dial *777# and you’ll receive an SMS listing the numbers that tried to reach you, how many times they called and when.

The Pay per Event service is available for all Vodafone users. To subscribe, simply set your mobile phone to divert all your calls when unreachable to 777 and the service will be activated for 10 pts, automatically renewable every 30 days.

You are only charged for the times you choose to receive the message: 10 PT per SMS for prepaid, postpaid and control users.

To unsubscribe from The Missed Calls Keeper monthly subscription service or Pay per Event dial *888*31#.

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