Automatic payment is an easy and safe way to automatically pay your monthly bill using your credit card.

Simply fill out a credit card authorization form at any Vodafone store.


Your bill will be automatically deducted from your credit card on a monthly basis and  you can also set a limit for the automatically deducted amount from your credit card every month. If your bill exceeds this limit, only the amount you have specified will be deducted. You can pay the rest of the bill over the phone or through any other payment method you choose. 


If you'd like to change your maximum deductible amount later on, you can change it from the comfort of your home, simply by contacting our collection team on 881. 


This service is available to all MasterCard and Visa credit card holders and is free of charge. 

For the time being, the following credit cards are not covered by Vodafone's Direct Debit payment: 

  • Visa or MasterCard Electron
  • All international cards