So How do I get a Job here?


If you believe you have the necessary skills and experience to join the Vodafone team, we’d like to give you the best chance for success. 

Here are some handy hints and tips that’ll give you an insider’s view of what we’re looking for.


Step 1:-

              Doing my research…


We want to interview passionate and committed people. So you need to decide: is Vodafone a company I want to work for? Am I interested in its business? Do I know what they do and how they work? Make sure you’ve explored these sections before moving on.


• Do I want to work here?


Step 2:-

               Preparing my knock-out resume…

OK, if you’ve got this far, you know what Vodafone stands for. Your resume is your opportunity to show us what a good match you are for Vodafone!


You have to include some basic information, but you should use your resume to “sell” your qualifications to us…Why are you the best candidate for the job? What makes you special? Why do you fit?


Read our tips to find out how your resume can make the best first impression.


Step 3:-

              Applying for my perfect job…


Check out our guide to apply successfully.

Right, now you know our company and you’re armed with a great resume…Take a look at what jobs are available! They’re updated daily, so you may need to check back regularly.

When you apply, make sure the skills and experience we’re asking for are matched with the skills and experience you offer!

Find/Apply for a job!


Step 4:-


Being prepared for the hiring process at Vodafone Egypt

Your resume has impressed us enough to get through to the next stage! You may like to know a bit more about our hiring process. Don’t be nervous, we’ve all been there!


English test, ability test or personality questionnaire

Depending on the nature of the job you’ve applied for and on the required skills, you may be invited to take an English test, an ability test or a personality questionnaire. These are written tests and will be taken at the Vodafone premises.


HR Interview

You’ll have an interview with one of our friendly HR recruiters, who will assess your competencies. "Competencies" can be defined as the abilities needed to perform a role in the organization.


Business Interview

The department which has the vacancy will evaluate your technical knowledge and skills, and whether or not you will fit within their team.