Vodafone offers you many ways to top-up your line while abroad.



 1. Online
Use your My Vodafone account to top up your line using any of our Recharge Cards or using your Credit Card*. You can also set Automatic Recharge for your line and we will take care of your balance.


2. Dialing *858*Recharge Card#
You can dial *858*Recharge Card Number# for FREE just like you do in Egypt. This service is only available with a list of specific operators.


3.Call Customer Care to Recharge
You can take recharge cards with you and top up whenever you want by calling our customer care on +20-10-1-888-888. Your call to customer care will be charged as a normal call to Egypt while roaming.


4. Ask Someone to Transfer Balance to You


You can also send an SMS to any of your friends and relatives to transfer balance to you for only 0.75 LE. Just dial *506*1*Mobile Number# and we will text him on your behalf.

This service is only available with a list of specific operators.


5. Sallefny Shokran
Our famous Sallefny Shokran Service is also available while roaming. If your credit is 1 LE or less, Vodafone will transfer you 3 LE credit.

All you have to do is to dial *3# and 3 LE will be transferred to your balance! The service costs 1 LE, which are deducted in advance. The 3 LE will be deducted from the first balance that’s added to your account.

This service is only valid for Vodafone prepaid customers who have been on our network for at least 2 months.


6. Mobile Recharge
You will be able to recharge your mobile phone from the Vodafone menu as follows:

  • Go to Vodafone menu
  • Choose Recharge 
  • Choose Recharge Again
  • Choose amount (25 LE, 50 LE, 100 LE, or 200 LE)
  • Enter Password (Your PIN Code) and then press OK
  • You will receive an SMS confirming your transaction

* You need to register your credit card in any of our stores to be able to use this service . To locate your nearest store click here.